Online BAS Agent Services

Gain the expertise and insight of a registered BAS Agent in your business.  

As registered BAS agents, we can cross-check all of your accounts, accurately prepare and lodge your BAS statement on time, verify your GST and ensure that your overall business is compliant with the ATO. 

Engaging us as your trusted BAS advisor also means maximising your tax credits or liaising with the tax department should you need an extension on your tax payments. Our online BAS agent service is fully remote and charged at a simple fixed fee every month.

  • GST Compliance

  • Payroll Compliance 

  • Single Touch Payroll

  • Liaison with the ATO

  • Registered BAS professionals

  • Ensure business compliance

Why Choose Our Online BAS Agent Services?

As registered BAS agents, our services are designed specifically for small businesses in Adelaide, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and compliant approach to managing your BAS requirements. By outsourcing your BAS to us, you can focus on running your business while we handle the complexities of tax compliance.

Benefits of Hiring a BAS Agent

Accuracy and Compliance

We will ensure that your BAS statements are accurate and adhere to ATO regulations.

Cost-Effective & Time-Saving

Outsource BAS to avoid fines and save time for core business activities.



Benefit from the expertise of professionals who understand the complexities of tax laws and regulations.

We are certified professionals you can trust 

Leverage our bookkeeping and accounting expertise with the best financial management tools available.

Getting started is easy

Pick Plan

Pick the best plan for your business.


Adjust your plan accordingly. 


Remove the stress and hassle of bookkeeping for good. 

Or, organise a free strategy call with the team.

Let's discuss your bookkeeping & account challenges directly, and we'll show you how we can help.

Common Questions

What does a registered BAS agent do?

The role of a BAS agent in your small business is to ensure your business activity statement (BAS) is compliant and lodged on time. Your business activity statement is a report that details the standings of your goods and services tax (GST), Pay as you go income tax instalments (PAYGI), and PAYG withholding (PAYGW) tax requirements within your business.

Can a bookkeeper assist with my BAS statement? 

At Accolution, we are bookkeepers but also possess the qualifications required to be BAS agents too. Generally, standard bookkeepers won’t have the necessary qualifications - they can’t assist with your BAS statement. If you would like your bookkeeping and BAS statement conveniently managed by one provider, we can certainly help with that.

Why should I engage a registered online BAS agent?

Getting your BAS statement right is essential. Failure to lodge it on time or lodging it incorrectly may leave you at risk of being fined. Preparing a BAS statement is often a time-consuming task that requires a degree of professional knowledge. 

As registered BAS agents, we can ensure your BAS statement gets lodged on time and accurately. We can also advise you on the latest tax legislation, and its implications on your business should it be required.